Testimonials – Hear From Our Patients

Hear from our patients and read some of our testimonials.

Very informative and open to questions and concerns. Proactive in his procedures. Highly recommended!.
– Donna C.

This doctor was wonderful. I felt so happy to finally have found a doctor that not only listens but is down to earth and understanding an kind an funny. He explained everything to were you could understand, he didn`t rush you or make you feel awkward or like you were a pain for him. He was really the best doctor I`ve seen ever in life. I`m do excited to continue working with him.he didn`t try to give me anything I was uncomfortable with he actually asked me what works for my pain and let me decide what I wanted to continue on or switch. Wow blew my mind how easy going he was an understanding. I`m so happy that I found him.i would recommend him to anyone looking for a great doctor. He`s very well versed in his training an we`ll educated, very thorough an will help with whatever you need can`t say enough good things about him.
– Andrew H.

I love Doctor Tariq. I was very impressed by his thoroughness and his willing to listen. I was looking for a personable doctor and I found him. He was also concerned about what worked for me and what didn`t. I would highly recommend him for someone who`s looking for a great pain management Dr.
– Cindy G.

He sat down with me and took the time to get to know me and understand the things I was having trouble with. I felt like a human being and not just a number.
– Donna C.

Dr. Tariq performed a very thorough, focused examination and fully explored my history before arriving at a plan for me, which he took the time to explain fully, making sure I understood. He was very compassionate and friendly, while flawlessly professional. The staff was very professional yet personable, making me feel at home, despite the discomfort with which I originally presented. Having worked within the healthcare industry myself, I am very familiar with local professionals and specialists, and I was impressed to the highest degree with Dr. Tariq`s credentials, clinical decision-making, bedside manner, professionalism…all aspects of my experience in his office. I highly recommend him.
– Derek M.

On my next app. I`ll make sure to take a pair of wings for Dr. Tariq, because he`s an angel on earth! I had to wait a little bit because the internet was down, but it was worthy. First, his nurse, Darlene, was approachble and kind, and Dr. Tariq was absolutely professional, he is caring, a great listener, a gentleman when it comes for bedside manner, and most of all, he treated me with dignity and respect. I had my previous Dr. for several years, but due to insurance changes, I had to look for a new one and I was kind of afraid because when you have a Dr. for several years, you develop a relationship and I was afraid I was going to be judged or worst, not be able to find a compassionate Doctor. Well, this was not the case. Dr. Fariq has true compassion for his patients and is really concerned about their well-being. Highly recommended. Thank you!
– Jaqueline S.

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