Smart phones in both personal and professional environments have changed the way people communicate, and the portability of technology often does not support good ergonomic use, especially related to neck pain. The musculoskeletal disorders related to smartphone use include muscle fatigue and loading of the neck and shoulder muscles, both caused by repeated motions of hands, wrists, and arms. As a result people complaint of neck pain, stiffness, and spasms in the neck, shoulders, and arms.

Shoulder-arm-neck syndrome is mainly found in people who do repetitive work for more than six months. Pain and fatigue worsened with longer smartphone use. According to one study looking downward promotes muscle fatigue more easily than does looking upward. They say correct posture and breaks of at least 20 minutes are recommend when using smartphones. [a]


With more and more technology coming in we are not moving our bodies enough and bigger people even more so. Overweight and obesity have the strong association with chronic low back pain. A nutritional diet to support busy lives is an important consideration in the management of back pain, especially when long-term activity is limited by persistent pain and an individual’s every day function.


This must be considered as one of the main reasons why chronic back and neck related problems are not going away. Our bodies are ageing and when that is combined with low levels of physical activity and other poor lifestyle choices, our bodies will get older before their times.


Resting your body is vital for general well being. We should be spending between 6-8 hours a night resting and regenerating their bodies.

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